Thursday, September 6, 2007

Can Importers Apply?

Q: Can a foreign importer apply for funding and get reimbursed?

A: No, SUSTA cannot directly reimburse foreign importers under MAP Branded. SUSTA works directly with companies located in the United States (mostly in the southern region of the U.S.). The U.S. company applies for MAP Branded funding by completing an application. If the company has a distributor, the company provides the importer/distributor’s contact information in the application. The U.S. company also provides the importer/distributor’s financial contribution in the application. Once the U.S. company's application is approved and the company provides the signed MAP Branded contract and administration fee (based on the approved allocation), the company works with the importer on promotional activities such as trade shows, in-store demonstrations, and advertisements. After the completion of activities, the following documentation is required for SUSTA to reimburse expenses:

  • The invoice from the original vendor(s) of the good or service to the importer
  • The proof of payment from the importer to the original vendor(s)
  • The invoice from the importer to the MAP Branded participant (U.S. company)
  • The proof of payment from the MAP Branded participant to the importer

The entire paper trail back to the original vendor(s) - whether the vendor(s) is in the United States or in a foreign country - is required for all promotional activity expenses.

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